Why "The Last Best Hope?"

Over 150 years ago, and in preparation of delivering the Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln reflected on the wisdom of mankind from many millennia. He then astutely observed that America, for all of its flaws, was truly the last bastion for unparalleled freedoms, opportunities, and goodness. Making good on her promise of God-given rights, America was on the verge of delivering millions of slaves from bondage. A free country was becoming freer.


Up to the creation of the United States, the role of every previous government was to enrich a few at the expense of the many. The Founding Fathers believed, as many good people do today, that the role of government was not to make the rights of citizens rights but to protect them. The individual, not the government, was the true source of power and enterprise.

Abraham Lincoln didn't say we were the "perfect" hope. He said we were the "best" hope. Winston Churchill is alleged to have put it another way: "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all others." There is no such thing as perfect, especially when it comes to government. Mankind is flawed; we were from the beginning. Anything created by mankind will therefore also be flawed. It is inescapable. However, we can strive for perfection. The United States is the manifestation of that effort. 

We are in a second Civil War. It is not being fought on a traditional battlefield; rather, it is taking place on a cultural front. The aim of these culture wars is to dismantle the very heart and soul of what makes America great: It's freedoms, values, and individualism. Should those pillars fall, a more freer society will not assume its place. Should they fall, it will take the best experiment ever to have been attempted in human organization.

Why Does It Matter?

Today, we watch that experiment come more closely to the precipice from whose cliffs we cannot recover if the fall is made. Poll results demonstrate more Americans than ever before support policies more aligned to Democratic Socialism and outright Communism than they do the traditional American system. Our systems are under attack. Within education, students are absorbed with an indoctrination that rewrites American history and ignores the genius of the Constitution.  Our news media could rightly be blamed for fanning racial tensions, trumping up class divisions, and otherwise making victims out of all of us.

Americans cannot be victims if the "great experiment" is to survive. A country of independent, responsible, and moral adults can prolong her life; otherwise, America is doomed to collapse along with the traditional traits of her denizens.

Who Are We? 

This content is created by a team of Americans who want all people to have equal access to opportunities that can enrich our lives. We value a strong moral code and personal ethics as the driving force of achieving that enrichment, as well as the overall building blocks of a good and just society. This, opposed to a government- or mob-mandated one that inevitably achieves the opposite.

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