Blue State Conservative

PF Whalen is the creator and editor-in-chief of the appropriately named Blue State Conservative. All of his original posts, memes, and thoughts can be found there. A few things about him, in his own words:

"Being politically conservative in a state dominated by liberals can be challenging. On a good day, it’s like going with your spouse to their high school reunion where you only know three other people. On a bad day? Think Sonny Corleone stopping to pay the toll on the causeway. So, here I am, your courageous commentator, reporting from behind enemy lines, risking life and limb. And sanity.

Political Party: I am a Republican, and I haven’t voted for a Democrat in over thirty years, but first and foremost, I consider myself a Conservative. I have problems with the Republican Party, but they are clearly preferable to the wackos on their left.


Gender: I am a man. I am a male, a guy, a fellow, a chap. When I was young, I was a boy, and I grew up to be a man. I have an X and a Y chromosome in every single cell in my body. And if, by chance, I wake up tomorrow and declare that I’m a woman, I will still be a man. That’s how it works. 

Race & Ethnicity: I am technically considered Caucasian, but I do have some heritage of a minority group to an extent similar to that of Elizabeth Warren. Solidarity, brothers and sisters!"

Gen Z Conservative

Our newest partner is at the site Gen Z Conservative. All of his original articles, memes, book reviews, and general thoughts can be found there. A few things about him, in his own words:

"I am a traditional conservative because I believe that balancing fiscal conservatism, respect for heritage and tradition, and respect for individual liberty is the best path forward for America. I think all three of those ideologies contain viewpoints that would be beneficial for America. However, I think complete attachment to any one of them would be a weaker position than combining the best aspects of all three.  

Almost no older people know that a large percentage of Gen Z is conservative. Or that there are many conservative students on college campuses. Instead, we are all viewed as liberals. I hope to use this website to spread the truth about Gen Z and Gen Z conservatives. We exist, and there are many of us. We just need to do a better job at speaking out, as I am trying to do through this website. Hopefully, by seeing the political views and opinions of of a GenZ conservative you will understand that Gen Z is a very conservative generation."

Right Wire Report

We have appreciated the platform for our voice over at Right Wire Report since the beginning. They have a fantastic crew of regular writers that sees past the media bias, lies, hypocrisies, shams, and double standards. They publish great pieces and have news updates every day; check them out!

Could The Next Partner Blog Be You?

We are always looking partner with like-minded writers that share our traditional and conservative values, with a penchant for the ol' pen and paper. If you have a blog or site that you use to disseminate commentary or thoughtful prose, give us a shout out! 


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