• Parker Beauregard

Are We A Country of Laws Or Not?

A recent piece on this site looked into the reelection strategies of Donald Trump and suggested that he more emphatically align with the position as the “law and order” candidate. We didn’t plan on extending this idea further, but a spate of recent news articles, like this one, inspired additional commentary. 

Referring to the story above, it takes several paragraphs to learn that the offender, in this case a twenty-one-year-old, killed several people by driving the wrong way on a major freeway. It was then revealed that he had already been previously arrested for drunken driving and on at least three other occasions for driving with a suspended license. In all, this individual, having been driving for just a few years, was cited at least five times for infractions. No doubt another could be added posthumously.

This incident will never be known by, let alone affect, those outside the immediate circle of family and friends of the deceased. It will be a footnote in history, just a handful of the ninety or so fatalities that occur each day on American roads. Still, it is frustrating. Why was this individual allowed access to a car after so many infractions?

Despite the vocal minority’s calls to defund or dismantle the police, as well as their ravenous appetite for decrying prison overpopulation and the fallacious claims of systemic racism within the criminal justice system, the American people want and deserve to be kept safe. The entire purpose of government, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, was to “secure these rights” of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” If government can deliver on preferential university acceptance for queer, transgender, Latinx females, then it should also be able to guarantee the rights wordsmithed by Thomas Jefferson.

Other maddenly frustrating headlines related to the specific concept of “securing life” appeared in recent days as well. We will address just two others, although there is no shortage from among which to choose. Decent people can, at a moment’s notice, be terrorized or killed by immoral and repugnant people. And it needs to stop. Feel free to share more headlines in the comments section below.

Headline #1: Man Accused of Shoving Elderly NYC Woman Has Been Arrested Over 100 Times

Headline #3: Businesses and Residents Suffer In Silence As Chaos Reigns In Seattle’s Armed Occupation Zone

We consistently hear from the left (mainstream and social media, Hollywood, political activists, etc.) how deeply rooted in racism the criminal justice system is. Blacks are overrepresented in prisons, they claim. That is simply false. From a factual standpoint, blacks are in prison at a higher rate because blacks commit crimes at a higher rate. 

As far as the concern over mass incarceration, despite the debunked nature of who is going to prison and why, statistics don’t support the claim. Academics, activists, and politicians of a leftist bent must surely realize that Latin America, home to just 8% of the world’s population, accounts for over a third of all homicide? Mexico alone had almost double that of the United States, yet just one-tenth of the prison population. Brazil is even worse; it saw nearly 64,000 homicides in 2019, and yet has a prison population of just 400,000. Do we imprison too many, or do others too few?

A quick Google search with the phrase “Chicago shooting parole violation” releases scores of news articles attesting to violent criminals having been paroled or released prior to the committing of a second, equally violent or fatal crime. Chicago was chosen because of its infamously high black-on-black violent crime, but any large (always Democrat-held) city produces the same news results. This past weekend in Chicago alone witnessed over 100 shootings. ONE HUNDRED. A serious question: What would happen to the number of shootings in Chicago if violent offenders served more prison time, or otherwise could not be paroled or released early? 

It’s almost impossible to get your head around that many shootings in one city for one weekend. How do any serious people say the prison population is too high when just one city is responsible for over one hundred shootings, let alone the additional crimes of robbery, assault, or rape that also transpire? 

There has been a move in this postmodern, leftist climate to rewrite the notion of free will and replace bad choices with external factors. Criminals don’t commit crimes because of a choice they make; they commit crimes because of poverty. Blacks are not killing other blacks because of gang affiliation or fatherless homes; they are killing other blacks because of systemic racism. It also gets harder to punish people if they supposedly don’t have control over their lives. Get the point?

We need to return to reality and ground our decisions in common sense. Do we want violent criminals in the streets? What if it was your neighborhood? No doubt the cacophony of leftist outrage comes from those fortunate enough to choose where they can buy a home, especially in exclusive communities where crime is not an issue. For many good, decent, law-abiding, and hard-working Americans, that is not a privilege afforded them. 

We need to get tough on crime. Will a disproportionate number of blacks end up behind bars? Only if a disproportionate number of blacks continue committing crimes. It wasn’t long ago that the many prominent black leaders and organizations supported tough-on-crime legislation. If putting dangerous black bodies behind bars saved infinitely more innocent black lives in the streets, then that was an acceptable price to pay. Apparently not anymore.

A recent documentary aired on Netflix displaying the horrors of Jeffrey Epstein’s activities, and especially his ability to apply pressure on the justice system. There was an agreed-upon outrage over the entire case. We need that anger in all areas of applicability. Decent societies like ours only function because we are supposedly tethered to the same set of morals and standards. That is increasingly not the case. If criminality goes unpunished, if there is an unequal application of the law based on preferential treatment, and especially if the lawlessness such as is being seen Seattle goes unpunished, the foundations crumble. 

As Ronald Reagan said,” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Let’s not be that generation.

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