• Parker Beauregard

This Is Kind Of Thinking An Expensive, Private, Liberal Arts School Produces

A rebuttal to an online leftist dumpster fire for the week of 12/1/2020.

This week we look at the political genius of a private, liberal arts college student by the name of Ashley Holady. The article comes from Odyssey Online and is titled “7 Responses To Use When Your Republican Dad Brings Up Political Conversations At Thanksgiving.”

The essay is another reminder that leftism reduces to the point of nonexistence any self-awareness. When not living with her parents, this entitled brat is attending an indoctrination camp in rural New York called the State University of New York at Stony Brook, which comes with a $100,000 price tag. What are the chances her evil Republican father supports some or most of the tuition costs?

The entire piece is a pitiful attempt at wit, sarcasm, and intellectual rigor. Her short and entirely unimpressive approach to dealing with her Republican father’s talking points was difficult to read, both for its staccato prose and logical incoherence. It presumably recapitulates different topics that their family broached, and the author must have been proud of herself the way she deftly parried the anti-American and vile beliefs of her father.

1. “For the record, saying "All Lives Matter" does nothing but brush off the issues that the BLM movement is trying to resolve.”

One thing needs to be made clear. All lives matter is a stupid response; saying all lives matter is as obvious as saying black lives matter. A better response comes in either the form of the question, “Do they?”, followed up with evidence about the convenient location of Planned Parenthoods in urban communities, the tens of millions aborted black babies since the 1970s (an estimated 18 million black babies have been aborted while the entire black population hovers around 45 million - that is absurd), the thousands of black shootings of black victims, the defunding of police in urban centers that inevitably leads to spikes in crime against blvack victims, and the perpetual poverty cycle that many blacks find themselves in due to a victim mentality and serving as a tool for Democrat power.

Do they only matter when they are politically expedient and/or suffered at the hands of whites? Expect a lot of mumbling, name calling, and deflection.

However, to address Ms. Holaday specifically, conservatives have an issue with Black Lives Matter as an organization, not as a philosophy that their lives are inherently less valuable. The organization is a corrupt, misleading, dangerous, and anti-American terrorist regime that is focused solely on destroying the United States, to hell with black people. The destruction of the family and the absence of fathers has to be among the most significant and crucial factors in the evolution of the angry black male, and this group endorses further destabilization of the nuclear family. They support defunding and dismantling the police, which has consequences so obvious that it should immediately expose these lunatics as the frauds they are. It was built on the lie that Trayvon was innocent, that Michael Brown was a gentle giant, and that black men are hunted down like animals. They peddle lies on their best days, and on their worst days they advocate for carnage in the streets, which has resulted in wanton rioting, looting, theft, and death.

Ms. Holaday, like all of her leftist allies, misses the point of the “Black Lives Matter” versus “All Lives Matter” conversation. We aren’t rebutting their phrase; we are rebutting their entire philosophy. We do not believe, and this is informed by all the available evidence, that blacks are systematically oppressed. The past is a different story, but we are not talking about the past. One of the first giveaways to their cause is nonsense from the EJI that sends daily tweets about racism from the 1800s and 1900s. History is important to know, no doubt, but it is not relevant in the conversation about how blacks are allegedly oppressed in the year 2020. When there are disparities, whether in educational outcomes or income levels, we tend to ascribe a multivariable analysis to the situation, rather than explain all inequality to racism. It’s both lazy and disingenuous.

2. “We may not agree on everything, but you have to admit that the outcome of this election is the best thing to come from this year.”

For someone as entrenched in the bias and disinformation campaigns, I find it unlikely that Ms. Holaday agrees on anything with her father. Moreover, since leftism teaches emotional outbursts rather than thoughtful reflection and humble inquiry to opposing viewpoints, I don’t trust she will actually listen to her father anytime soon and reevaluate her positions. I have written this elsewhere, but I fear the only thing that will change these people’s minds - if that’s even possible - is for them to be on the receiving end of some horrible harm. Small business owners in downtown Minneapolis, after the city burned to ashes in the wake of George Floyd’s alleged fentanyl overdose, posted signs stating their affiliation to the BLM cause, hoping that would save them from annihilation. That should’ve been the first clue the cause is terroristic (or at the very least mafioso). Other than that, I hate to say that their businesses just need to be torched in the next riot. You support them, you vote for politicians that support them...what else is there?

At any rate, I hope her father asked what part of this outcome is best. That the results are hotly contested and rife with allegations of fraud? Does anyone believe it is good for the country to not believe their votes matter? Is it best that an old white male was replaced by another old white male? I was in a meeting recently where an equity person remarked that America was at least returning to normal levels of white supremacy [after the election of Biden]. These people are sick.

3. “You may have voted for Trump in the last election, but after these last four years, his departure from office (when he does leave) is certainly for the best.”

Her disdain for Trump is a given; but the narcissism and self-righteousness in their beliefs and mindsets is truly remarkable. She cannot even fathom that we felt the same way about Obama, and equally now about Biden, than their side does about Trump. It cuts both ways, but in their worldview they are correct and we are bigots.

Is the outcome best for retirement portfolios or take-home pay? Because it seems likely both will be hit hard by taxes. Even corporations just pass along their tax raises to consumers, so unless she likes paying more, I hardly see this as a financial victory.

I doubt this ingrate was a fan of Bush’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, nor of Obama’s in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere. Are we better off with Trump’s departure after a decidedly pro-American and anti-intervention administration? Are we better off losing the first president to establish peach initiatives among Israel and her Muslim Arab neighbors?

I know she opposes everything about the Supreme Court’s movement toward protecting the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution (all while saying Trump is ruining our constitutional foundations), but if nothing else, the Supreme Court can return to its founding intent. It should not be political, and some of the least political jurists are now sitting on the high bench thanks to him. So no, I do not agree that this outcome is for the best; I wish he could have replaced the squishy and placeholding Souter next, too.

4. “On "American heritage," while I can agree that some legacies are worth protecting, it's the ones that cause more harm than good that I can't agree with you on.”

To what harmful legacies is she referring? Seriously, what harmful legacies do conservatives idealize or wish to resurrect? I live and breathe leftism at my work, and even I am having a hard time with this. I am sure it’s a nod to racism and white supremacy, but unless she provides a specific example, I cannot dig into that.

In a nutshell, here are the legacies of America worth celebrating: Unparalleled freedoms, opportunities, goodness, and purpose. We are uniquely created under a system of explicit values, as opposed to a race or group of people.

Suffice to say, I reject the notion that America is racist and white supremacist. America has individual racists of all backgrounds, but that is vastly different than saying the country of America is racist. America has the least racist legal and constitutional framework. It is race blind and overtly prohibits actions based on race. It is an abomination that people think we can forcefully legislate or mandate equality and equal outcomes. For starters, this runs against human nature. Secondly, while the peons may all be equally poor, there is always an upper strata that basks in luxurious wealth and status.

I always have an internal debate if people think that socialism and communism leads to utopian sameness really believe it, or if they just want to subjugate conservatives and enjoy the elite status they feel entitled to based on their belief systems.

5. “You may not agree with Biden on all accounts, but I hope you'd choose a flawed welfare plan over a string of damaging issues and countless lives lost any day.”

Damaging issues? They never provide examples. But yes, our welfare system is extremely flawed.

Countless lives lost? In an attempt to take the higher ground, I think there are talking points from both sides that argue for reasons condemning this political or that politician for COVID failures. Could we have been better prepared for the imminent second wave? A resounding yes. Does that rest of Trump or state governors? I don’t entirely know.

That being said, while there could be measures taken to combat the virus’s effect, at the end of the day it’s a virus. It is going to get people sick, particularly if it's as virulent and contagious as they keep telling us. We could have locked down for a year, and when we reopened would still be facing the same problems. And yes, I believe the economy was worth saving. Without a booming American economy, there would be financial ruin AND disastrous covid realities. So, not sure how that’s helping. Plus, Democrats demanded lockdowns and then blamed Trump for the economic downturn...not sure how that works.

There are also doctors saying that by not allowing the dissemination of the accessible and cheap drug hydroxychloroquine that tens of thousands of Americans who died would otherwise be living. I remember when Trump encouraged its use and leftists everywhere laughed him off. Who has more blood on their hands?

Just food for thought: With the odd timing of vaccine efficacy and more recent news coming out from Johns Hopkins (a reputable home for science) that there are no excess deaths in 2020, aren’t you a little curious about the 1) the politicization of the virus and 2) the true impact of it?

6. “I agree that we should have younger candidates to run for president, but even if either can't serve (*knock on wood*), what's wrong with having the first woman of color as president instead of another old white man who can't help but attract flies?”

There is nothing wrong with a female president. There is nothing wrong with a black president. There is nothing wrong with a black, female president. There is everything wrong with a president who hates America, hates white people, hates capitalism, hates middle America and its traditional values, and who has such an enormous sense of self-worth that there is a dangerous and corrosive infallibility.

As America is a land of values, as opposed to race, I do not see how a lived experience or skin color makes anyone more qualified to lead than someone with a different lived experience or skin color. Should I have tossed a coin because both Trump and Biden are old white men? To ask the question is to think like a toddler. Honestly, my infant makes more intelligent sounds than some of the drivel that comes out of Ibram X. Kendi or Robin DiAngelo’s mouths.

Also, the fly landing on Mike Pence’s head during the debate is such a pathetic focal point. Do you know why they focus on the fly? Because our current Vice President wiped the floor with Harris’s smug smile and hideous laugh.

7. “I know we're different and we think differently and have different viewpoints, so why don't we as a family just agree to disagree?”

Ah yes, the party of unity and tolerance all coming together once their guy wins. For the past five years, the media, Democrats, and this person’s professors have railed against the supposed hate coming from Trump and his supporters. They have demeaned, insulted, slandered, and physically harmed conservatives for the sole reason that they believe in truth, objectivity, and America as a unique and great nation. Now, with a Biden presidency on the horizon they are suddenly pushing for peace and moving on together.

There are unprintable words I’d like to tell her and anyone else that we should just get along.