• Parker Beauregard

Yahoo! Sports Declares Standing for the Anthem DANGEROUS, DISINGENUOUS, and IMMATURE

Add Yahoo! Sports to the list of morally bankrupt entities. In a stunning display of leftist chauvinism, their philosophy regarding kneeling has transformed from being a right to being a moral and societal obligation. 

A truly scary column by one of their activist writers, whose name is not worth mentioning because all leftists write the same column, should rightly raise the level of concern in all decent people. The activist went full better-than-thou in response to black NBAer Jonathan Isaac recently standing for the anthem and defending the action on the grounds of Christian principles. 

The article begins by reviewing the incredulous feat of “a Black player doing the unthinkable of sorts, refusing to kneel during Friday’s national anthem and eschewing the Black Lives Matter shirt.” Unthinkable. Did you catch that? It is unthinkable that a person, let alone a black person, could dare challenge the orthodoxy of the left. 

If that weren’t bad enough, the article continues by saying the act was “not necessarily a youthful indiscretion, like using illegal drugs or being caught driving while intoxicated, but it is a learning moment because his line of thinking is dangerous.” We have moved into a whole new level of self-righteous totalitarianism when kneeling for the national anthem is dangerous. How can any honest or decent person defend the left at this point?

It somehow gets worse. The column doubles down on its hateful confusion by noting that one could more easily have forgiven the transgression except that the rationale given is anathema to the left. And what did the player say?

Mr. Isaac said that “my life has been supported through the gospel...all God’s glory. We all do things we should do, we hate those we shouldn’t...I don’t think kneeling or putting on a T-shirt for me personally is the answer. Black lives are supported through the gospel, we all have things that we all do wrong. Whose wrong is worse? We all fall short of God’s glory.”

Most decent Americans - most decent human beings - would hear or listen to that comment and welcome the message of God’s love, wisdom, and guidance as uplifting and morally satisfying. It should be obvious how much better our communities would be if more Americans adhered to Scripture the way Mr. Isaac does, instead of the narcissism and entitlement that is prevalent everywhere.

Not that long ago, Reverend Dr. King shared messages of hope and prayer to a community beset by real racial enmity. He appealed to both blacks and whites by reminding us of our common Creator and appealing to our Christian roots of kindness, love, and acceptance. That message worked on both an emotional and rational level, and in time won equality of rights under the law for all Americans.

But we live in a morally confused time. Today, an activist at Yahoo! can belittle a black man simply for believing in something better than the hate and evil spewed by BLM. The most disgusting critique is what follows:

“Even using the almighty doesn’t preclude Isaac from the eyebrow-raising, stomach-turning reaction from those who heard or read his explanation...Using religion to avoid an intellectual conversation, a practical one or even common sense is an area nobody should have time or room for. There should be no ‘other side’ to racism, no ‘other side’ to police brutality given the obvious examples we’ve seen over the last several years.”

The author is legitimately untethered to reality. Invoking God’s name is stomach-turning? The column continues the religious diatribe by noting “his [Isaac’s] reasoning would be hard to argue with if it weren’t from the playbook of the disingenuous.” That’s right. The player’s reasoning, because it is based on Biblical principles, is disingenuous

Let that sink in.

The piece ends with this: “He’s 22, so there should be space for grace and growth, should he seek it...His sentiments may have been genuine, if not wholly misplaced and immature.”

So, we now also find adjectives like ‘misplaced’ and ‘immature’ for simply respecting the flag, saluting the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in order for him to get paid millions to dribble, and uplifting the Word of God. It is vile and disgusting what passes as thought on the left. In normal times, the whole article would be seen as a self-evident logorrheic wasteland, but these are not normal times.

The whole article is insulting to common sense and decency. It is worth reviewing that in a matter of one column, the despicable word vomit that passes for journalism at Yahoo! called a black man standing for the national anthem unthinkable, called the same black man standing for the anthem dangerous (are we allowed to calls blacks dangerous again?), called belief in Scripture and its citation as disingenuous, and reasoned that all of these actions were based on youthful immaturity. And that’s just the cliffnotes version. 

How many more examples of leftist insanity and intolerance does one need to be convinced that the choice in November is obvious? How a God-fearing American can continue to look at the destructive and reprehensible left as an improvement over conservative ideology is beyond fathomable. 

At any rate, kudos to athletes like Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic and Sam Coonrod (whose Christian beliefs were similarly maligned) of the San Francisco Giants for taking a stand against the kneeling tyrants. This madness only stops when we literally stand up to bullies.

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