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The predominance of digital media has only made sharing thoughts, opinions, and subject matter of any kind easier than ever. (That is, until censorship of conservative and independent thinkers reaches critical mass)​. 

Dennis Prager on the real cause of chaos:

Our guess is that you have not heard of this honest thinker, which is too bad, but he doesn't fit the media narrative:

This site contends that Thomas Sowell is the most underrated, least known thinker of his generation. That is a shame. He is one of the deepest and and most decent human beings:

The great Larry Elder lays out facts as to why the myth of racism is dead wrong:

Larry makes a second appearance. This episode singlehandedly changed the entire outlook off Dave Rubin with regard to policing of black communities:

Tucker Carlson takes the time in this video to detail the circumstances of each of the nine instances in 2019 when police had to use lethal force on "unarmed" blacks. 

Jordan Peterson takes on the issue of White Privilege in convincing and typical fashion:

The videos are just a small sample of voices and opinions from both prominent and developing thinkers. Enjoy!

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